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5 Questions to ask when Buying a Carpet for your Home or Commercial space

1. Suitability and classification

Carpets are rated according to the amount of traffic in a home.

  • Light Domestic – Bedrooms or low traffic areas,
  • Medium Domestic – Sitting rooms, Bedrooms, Hall Stairs/Landing and
  • Landings where there are only 2-3 people living in the house,
  • Heavy Domestic – as it says areas that have high traffic i.e. anywhere in the home,
  • Extra Heavy Domestic – Would suit commercial areas too.

2. Fibre Content

The fibre is what the most important choice is. This fibre is what helps the carpets keep their appearance. Here is the list according to the best fibre to give the best appearance retention.

  • 100% Wool or Woven blends,
  • 6/6 Nylon,
  • Solution Dyed Nylon,
  • Polyester or Polypropylene.

3. Underlays

There are a lot of different underlays available on the market and quite a lot of confusion about what’s best. Here’s the list we feel will help your selection of the right underlay for you starting with the best.

  • High Density Rubber – that’s not filled with chalk (to increase the weight) our favourite is Tredaire Elite,
  • Hair Felt 54oz – great for a carpet that has a lot of seams (joins) and carpets don’t tend to stretch on hair felt,
  • High Density PU Underlays – we use 11mm thickness for heavy domestic areas,
  • Low Density PU Underlays the problem with these are the carpet often feels spongy as opposed to luxurious.

4. Proper Fitting

This is as important as the other points. Carpets should be stretched properly onto grippers and glued into your trims with latex glue. Good fitting will help the carpet keep its appearance for the duration of its life.

5. Down Graded

B Grade Carpets – We never buy or sell B Grade carpets as there is a reason that they are downgraded by the manufacturers so buyer beware.


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