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Different Carpet fibres and how they work 

When purchasing carpets there can be confusion when it comes to the different fibres and how they wear. Some can wear for a long time, but can lose their appearance quite easily hence they can wear ugly. So really people want to know how well their carpet will look in 5 years’ time. So, here’s the simple order of appearance retention fibres. Please note before cleaning or using products to remove stains contact a professional or your supplier beforehand.

Just to understand its how the carpet is constructed i.e. how the molecules are put together the more complicated the construction the more it hides the dirt and the more it can retain its appearance and not flatten easily.

  1.   Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer i.e. plastic fibre simple in its construction and solution dyed hence can flatten easily but can be cleaned with diluted bleach. Very cheap to manufacture.
  2.  Polyester more expensive to manufacture hence more expensive to purchase but would wear similar to polypropylene.

Nylon is much better, different construction of molecules has a better memory (like wool) it’s a stronger fibre and can bounce back and recovers quicker hence it can be mixed in with wool to add durability to the wearing of the carpet. So, nylon is much better than polypropylene and polyester.

6/6 Nylon is very soft and really luxurious but wears really well because of the construction of the carpet is much more expensive. This is very big in the London and New York markets, because it has a great look.

Wool and Wool Mix; Wool has a great memory and has a complicated structure but we believe is still the best carpet for wear and appearance retention. You pay more but it’s the old reliable.

So when it comes to buying a carpet, you can see there are many things to consider including carpet fibres so always consult and expert.

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