LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Woodstrip)

This product is very popular in the UK and has become more popular here in the last few years.

This suits all heavy traffic areas in Domestic and Commercial installations. It’s most popular in wood effect look in domestic areas.

In domestic locations it is mainly sold with a click system which means it can be loose laid on top of underlay. It is a water proof product compared to laminate and is quite soft to walk on. Generally it is more expensive type of vinyl.

Vinyl Flooring

There are different types of vinyl flooring with different uses.

Commercial Vinyl locations

Usually a dry back finish which means it’s installed by gluing down all over, this means is it not as soft to walk on.

Domestic Vinyl locations

In domestic locations we find vinyl is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens. The main advantages are they are water proof, cost effective and easy installed (mainly loose laid) and soft underfoot.

Some things to keep in mind when purchasing a Vinyl Floor;

  • Sub Floor needs to be level. If concrete floor it needs to be smooth and if the floor is tongue and grove it needs to be even.
  • The wear layer needs to be good and the vinyl shouldn’t be too soft particularly in kitchen areas as it can mark with furniture, so we recommend solid and strong.
  • Joins should be avoided if possible particularly in main traffic areas.


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GOC Carpets was established to cater for the domestic, hotel, pub & leisure industry as well as the corporate sector. We have built a superb reputation for offering a personal service so regardless of your budget call into our extensive showroom and let our professional advisors help you with your next flooring purchase.  Every customer is important and therefore there is no job too small.

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Different Carpet fibres and how they work 

When purchasing carpets there can be confusion when it comes to the different fibres and how they wear. Some can wear for a long time, but can lose their appearance quite easily hence they can wear ugly. So really people want to know how well their carpet will look in 5 years’ time. So, here’s the simple order of appearance retention fibres. Please note before cleaning or using products to remove stains contact a professional or your supplier beforehand. 

Just to understand its how the carpet is constructed i.e. how the molecules are put together the more complicated the construction the more it hides the dirt and the more it can retain its appearance and not flatten easily. 

  1.   Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer i.e. plastic fibre simple in its construction and solution dyed hence can flatten easily but can be cleaned with diluted bleach. Very cheap to manufacture.
  2.  Polyester more expensive to manufacture hence more expensive to purchase but would wear similar to polypropylene. 

Nylon is much better, different construction of molecules has a better memory (like wool) it’s a stronger fibre and can bounce back and recovers quicker hence it can be mixed in with wool to add durability to the wearing of the carpet. So, nylon is much better than polypropylene and polyester. 

6/6 Nylon is very soft and really luxurious but wears really well because of the construction of the carpet is much more expensive. This is very big in the London and New York markets, because it has a great look. 

Wool and Wool Mix; Wool has a great memory and has a complicated structure but we believe is still the best carpet for wear and appearance retention. You pay more but it’s the old reliable. 

So when it comes to buying a carpet, you can see there are many things to consider including carpet fibres so always consult and expert.

GOC Carpets, the home of affordable luxury with over 35 years experience we have built a reputation based on quality, service and value for money. Our team are with you all the way from choosing the right floor, to measuring and fitting by our own skilled craftsmen.

Our mission is to bring to the market new innovative designs in timber flooring, laminates and carpets. Every customer is important and therefore there is no job too small.


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carpet fibres carpet fibres carpet fibres

Using the best and most suitable underlay for both domestic and contract carpets..

An old saying in our trade”a cheap carpet needs a good underlay a good carpet deserves one”.

There are 3 different types constructions in underlays, and different qualities in each

  1. Hair felt

  2. Rubber underlays

  3. PU underlays (this one you got to pick wisely )

Hair felt is bought by the weight,  you  need a 50 oz weight in this as it suits commercial plus domestic areas because in our experience carpets sit well on it and seldom the carpet stretches or bubbles.  It doesn’t feel bouncy, but more solid to walk on.

Rubber underlay , this has been used for the last 40 years, this is sold again by the weight. Some of rubber underlay if made cheaply use chalk as a filler so to beef up the weight.  We still use the old reliable “tredaire brand” mainly tredaire elite. Again, we find very few problems with stretching and bubbling,  it will stay soft and firm for the life of your carpet and it doesn’t tend to lose its bounce. This underlay suits both domestic and contract installations.

Flat rubber underlay is used under carpets that need to be glued down to prevent them from shrinking (Ex sisal) or on very large contract areas where trolleys moving heavy goods are wheeled over the carpet.

Also rubber underlay with a low tog rating is the only real recommended underlay to be used over underfloor heating, otherwise no heat comes through.

PU underlays, these are fairly new to the Irish market. If using a PU underlay we advise that you pick wisely as this underlay has a lot of cheap versions and we find with these if a low density Spongy (not solid ) version is used your carpet it will feel spongy and not soft and will more that likely need to stretched every so often. We tend to use high density 9 to 11mm quality but not on all types of carpets. They will feel soft but can cause call backs for the Fitter’s which is never good for our reputation so we are selective where we use them.

So as you can see buying a carpet and buying underlay is a science.

Glen O Callaghan has over 20 years experience in the carpet and flooring industry. Come to our showroom or contact us for expert professional advice, – GOC Carpets the home of affordable luxury.


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Here at GOC Carpets  our team are highly qualified with vast years of experience in the flooring industry. We take pride in our customer service and our 100% commitment to our clients, so when it comes to buying a carpet we are happy to give you some expert advice.

Here are some top tips to consider when purchasing a carpet.

First thing to consider is the traffic in the area where the carpet will be fitted.

  • Carpet suitability for wear -according to traffic and area carpet is being fitted
  • Light domestic: bedrooms are rooms with light traffic.
  • Medium domestic: bedrooms with heavy traffic, downstairs rooms with moderate traffic.
  • Heavy domestic: anywhere in the house that has heavy traffic.
  • Extra heavy domestic / contact :  very heavy traffic areas including hotels, guesthouses, all areas of public wear.
  • Heavy contract: this covers all contract areas that have high volume of traffic.

The Second item to consider is Pile Height & Density of Pile

When purchasing a carpet lots of people are drawn to heavy high pile carpets because they feel soft.

In general if the pile height is long it can lack density, hence where it can certainly feel and look luxurious in general they can also flatten and get matted quite easily. 

When asked for advice in this area I like to recommend short pile height and dense pile content, which tends to keep its appearance longer.

 So rule of thumb is the longer the pile the quicker it flattens. The shorter the pile with high tuft content the longer it keeps its appearance

Carpets can wear for a long time but can wear ugly (loose their appearance quite fast).

You should also consider the different textures in plain carpets

Plain carpets, more so than patterned carpets have been more popular in the last 15 years.

There are basically four different types of plain carpet and each have their own variations, in each finish, however to keep it simple there are the following categories:

  • Velvet texture – this is a solid velour type finish and generally has a short pile with a dense pile construction.
  • Twist pile  –  this has a more coarse look and can have one colour of a blend of colour (tweed look), usually as a short pile and can vary in density.
  • Natural texture – also known as loop pile texture this look has a loop or textured finish which does not  feel as soft to handle but can be very durable . With a heavy underlay it can feel soft underfoot.  So this is a visual look which appeals to a lot of people often used on stairs & landings with a runner on the stairs.
  • Saxony – this is usually a longer pile carpet which always feels soft to walk on, particularly if it has a thick underlay. Often it will have on the label – suitable for heavy domestic wear, but as i have said before it tends to flatten quicker.

GOC Carpets was established to cater for the domestic, hotel, pub & leisure industry as well as the corporate sector. We have built a superb reputation for offering a personal service so regardless of your budget call into our extensive showroom and let our professional advisors help you with your next flooring purchase.

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buying a carpet buying a carpet